Patients with Liver Cirrhosis can also Enjoy Delicious Foods

Published: 06th October 2011
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Patients with Liver Cirrhosis can also Enjoy Delicious Foods.

The passage contains three latest news about liver cirrhosis including: delicious foods for patients with liver cirrhosis, baby with choleplania should look out liver cirrhosis and patients with liver cirrhosis should not eat sugar cane.

Delicious Foods for Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

Most people have the thoughts that once they develop liver cirrhosis, they cannot enjoy delicious foods any more. In fact, there are still some delicious foods which are fit for patients with liver cirrhosis. Healthy diets are of great vital in treating liver cirrhosis. The following are several foods which benefit patients with liver cirrhosis.

Milk: milk is rich in quality protein, lactose, butter fat which is easy to be digested by human, various vitamins and many kinds of trace elements. So milk is a kind of ideal foods for patients with liver cirrhosis.

Fish: the structure of protein contained in fish is similar to that in human, so fish is digestive and easy to be absorbed.

Honey and royal jelly: the main ingredient of honey and royal jelly are dextrose and fructose, which can be absorbed by human directly. In the same time, honey and royal jelly are rich in various mineral salt and trace elements, which is easy to be absorbed by human and have high utilization rate.

Eggs: egg-yolk contains rich fat, including neutral fat, ovolecithin and cholesterol. Patients with liver cirrhosis should reasonably take in eggs, itís better to eat less then two eggs everyday.

Mushroom: mushroom is rich in vitamins and amino acids. It has the function of antibiosis, anticancer and whetting the appetite.

In addition, patients with liver cirrhosis had better not eat rough and spicy foods. And liver cirrhosis patients with hepatic ascites should limit their intake of common salt. In order to prevent hepatic comma, liver cirrhosis patients in late stage should eat diets low in protein if their blood ammonia increases.

Baby with Choleplania Should Look Out Liver Cirrhosis

It is reported that there is a half a month baby developed liver cirrhosis because the parents neglecting choleplania in baby. Luckily, the baby is rescued recently. Experts remind parents to pay enough attention to babies if there are more and more choleplania in bodies. The baby with liver cirrhosis came from China and he was born all over his skin is yellow. After physical examination, doctors said the baby contained high count of choleplania, but the parents didnít pay enough attention to it. After half a month, the babyís skin became more and more yellow. The doctors diagnosed the baby with liver cirrhosis. The baby was always in a high level of choleplania, which led to the ICP. The only hope the baby with liver cirrhosis can survive is to do liver transplant operation.The parents of the baby with liver cirrhosis took the baby all over China to do operation, but most hospitals didnít want to do liver transplant operation for the baby with liver cirrhosis, because the baby is too young to undergo such a big operation. Finally the parents decided to use Chinese Medicines to help the baby, after several months the baby now is recovering.

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